Who We Are


I refer to myself as "we", not in the royal sense, but because I've lived so many lives. I'm willing to bet you have, too! I've been a Stay-At-Home Mom, closely watched by the all-seeing, ever-disapproving eye of other SAHMs (for more details, see my essay "The Mayonnaise Mafia); a friend; a standup comic; a writer; an editor; a teacher; a divorcee; an ex-wife; a mom whose kids have a stepmom; a new girlfriend, and a dumped girlfriend. In a brief 50 years, some lessons were learned and other lessons had to be repeated again and again because lesson didn't sink in. Some still haven't! All of these experiences have contributed to my warped, twisted view of our strange world. I want to share that point-of-view with you in the hopes that you can see things from a different perspective.  Also, I hope to making you laugh in the best way possible, which is "laughing with a covered face" - guilty laughter, like, "Should I really be laughing at this?" Then again, you may just decide  you don't have it that bad with El Schmucko, and and maybe you'll just ride things out until the kids go to college.

Finally, I must refer to myself in the plural because, let's face it, darlings: I'm FABULOUS, and there simply isn't enough room in the singular to contain me!

I invite you to subscribe to this site and leave your comments. Just think of me as that kooky, quirky friend you like to hang with, because I'd love to hang with you.

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, Fabulous Vixens, I enfold you in a big Vixen hug.

Stay fabulous!

Stephanie Wilder, aka "Mama Vixen"