Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dating Cheat Sheet #2: Lame Things Guys Text to Gals They Met Online

"Hello, Beautiful!" - Translation: I can't remember your name.

"Sorry I was unavail. for the last 2 weeks, busy @ work" - Translation: Mr. Air-Traffic-Controller eased previous girl-plane into departure and is now ready to signal holding pattern girl-planes in for a landing. And guess what? You're the first girl-plane in the queue!

"Now I'm TOTALLY COMMITTED to you!" - Translation: "I'll act interested - until someone hotter comes along."

"Let's REALLY get to know each other!" - Translation: "Will sex be in the picture, and if so, how soon?"

Vixen replies: "Glad to hear your tray is in the upright and locked position, but you can consider my flight cancelled. Hope the next girl-plane has a safe landing. Roger and OUT."